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Grace Is A Lantern


Grace is a lantern,
swinging in the night.
Truth and mercy
are its rays of light.

Righteousness goes before me,
judgment keeps my way,
Loving-kindness holds my hand,
and goodness is my stay.

Faith is the path,
so sure and strait,
Praise is the motion
that sets the gait.

The voice of the Shepherd
speaks clear and strong,
"Follow close behind me,
for the way is long,

The pathway is rough
and rugged and steep,
You must not dawdle,
you've no time to sleep.

I'll lead by still waters
and pastures of green,
No harm shall befall you,
on Me you must lean,

Only listen, obey
and heed all you've heard,
I am all you have need of,
for I am the Word"

By Ella Mae Carbaugh


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