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The Stone That Couldn't Hold Him

Two thousand years ago
our Lord was crucified
They nailed him to a cross
and for all mankind he died.
They laid him in a tomb
with a huge stone at the door;
They remembered every word he said
as he walked along the seashore.
In three days, he would rise again
from the grave in which he lay;
They didn't think that anyone could
roll that stone away!
On the morning of the third day
As the sun rose in the East;
An angel of the Lord appeared
and rolled the stone away with ease.
The angel spoke to the women
who had come to see where Jesus lay;
He told them that Jesus was risen
and the women hurried away.
The keepers all were trembling
and paralyzed with fear;
For when they looked inside the tomb
they saw that Jesus was no longer there!
The stone they thought would hold him
had not stood in his way,
Jesus Christ had risen
from the tomb in which he lay!

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