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Always Believing

The path seems so cold and even unsure, 
I searched for the light to help me to endure. 
It seems so useless as I drudge onward through, 
The pain seems so controlling what should I do? 
My strength has left me, my thoughts are of death, 
I see no future and I find no rest. 

My head is lowered as defeat draws near, 
The tears burns deep as I feel my fears. 
What has happened to my life that I knew so dear, 
Is there anyone out there, anyone to hear? 
The past is painful and seems to much to bare, 
Lord is there no one who will hear me, not one to care? 

Lifting my head expecting to see death, 
I found your eyes and heard, “Come unto Me to find your rest!” 
I felt your arms as they pulled me tight, 
As you spoke softly it is time to fight. 
For No victory comes without a battle you must see, 
But remember it all begins here within me. 

For now is the time I need you to stand, 
To arise and believe...and take a hold of my hand. 
To walk through the fire and trust in Me, 
Because only then you can truly be free. 
For this one trial you need to understand, 
Everything you go through is in the palms of my hands!

For alone I have promised you never shall be,
I will always be walking close by thee.
For when times seem tough and you feel life is leaving,
That is when you must stand always, always believing.
That I am with you no matter what you go through,
Because remember my child this trial was made especially for you!
Author Unknown

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