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Comfort For All

O, Lord you are my strength and shield, 
To you my very existence I yield. 
When times are tough, and Iím alone, 
Your peace surrounds me, like a blanket thrown. 

There is no end to your fountain of joy, 
There is no limit to the strength you employ. 
There is no failing of your endless peace, 
When on my knees I find sweet release. 

Your ocean of love will never run dry, 
And will run to me on the day that I die. 
For death has lost its ugly old sting, 
A new song of victory for me to now sing. 

When I die I will live, for I live for you, 
There is no fear in the things that I do. 
Your hand has brought me home each time, 
And set my feet in a perfect line. 

Past all the world of trouble and care, 
Straight to your kingdom that is where, 
Iíll live all my days in glorious bliss, 
And this old world I will never miss. 

By Janet Barrett 

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