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The Magic Love

The magic of His Love gives us a life!
Letting people know He's always right!
Angels are sent from God up above!
Guiding our way then showing us Love!

Glorious touches He provides for you!
Knowing Gods there being so true!
Prayers will be answered those who will pray!
Keep your heart open along the way!

Jesus has brought joy to our life!
Keeping us healthy, He is my choice!
Songs of glory I want to sing!
Praise through His touch on everything!

I have been free from many of things!
Though God will bring down pours of rain!
The garden of heaven so fluffy and light!
Being with God I can rejoice!
Though we make mistakes He'll take them away!
Keeping us warm everyday!

The Lord I can turn to when I'm feeling down!
Letting me know my cries around!
Each day I'll give thanks to God who is there!
My only Father, My only care!

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