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He Is Risen


They came to the quiet garden
In the early morning gloom,
And there in the shadowed darkness
They found an empty tomb.

They brought their scented spices
To anoint the hallowed dead,
But found, to their amazement,
The angel of the Lord instead.

Their hearts were heavy laden--
Bowed down with deep despair--
But when they lifted tear-dimmed eyes,
Lo, Jesus was standing there.

They thought all hope had ended
With Golgotha's dying breath,
But they found a powerful savior.
Triumphant over death!

On that wonderful Sunday morning,
In a garden where flowers grew,
He came from the grave - a world to save -
To live and reign anew.

So oft in the midst of sorrows
When hope seems cold and dead.
With lifted eyes, we too may see
A risen Lord full of grace instead!

Author Unknown


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