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My soul was taken hostage by the master of disguise, 
He'd taken one more prisoner with his web of silky lies. 
He told me I could have it all if only I'd deny 
The God that my forefather's had learned they could rely. 
The deal that he was offering was too good to be true, 
I knew I'd have to pay a price, but then God sent me You. 
You bore the cross upon your back and thorns upon your brow, 
You took my stripes and forgave my sins, still I don't know how. 
You never thought about yourself when hanging on that tree. 
The only thoughts You had that day were focused upon me. 

The master liar roared in anger when I knelt before Your throne, 
I knew that even by myself, I'd never be alone. 

By Danielle M. Peck


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