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Landmines And Lies


With landmines and lies
The enemy tries
To threaten our spiritual walk
Well hidden are they,
So hidden they stay
Submerged by our spiritual talk

But like dreaded disease
They can, if you please,
Make deadly the path that we trod;
For though everyone knows
They wear spiritual clothes,
They make havoc of our walk with God.

Yes, with landmines and lies
The enemy tries
To see that we stumble and fall
He injects us inside
With Spiritual pride
Till we have no perspective at all.

So just watch where you're walking,
And watch how you're talking,
Lest pride enter into your story.
Just stay humble in heart,
That, you see, is our part.
Then, God receives ALL of the glory!

Do you see how subtle Satan is? How his Landmines and Lies creep 
into our lives in the very areas of our spiritual strengths and 
cause us to become spiritually proud? To see exaltation before we 
are ready? To limit God to our terms of growth? To approach God 
as though He owed us what we want? To grow in knowledge and become 
proud of the knowledge instead of humbled by what we should become?
So subtle they are. Like landmines, we don't see them until they've 
done their damage. Unless that is, we humble ourselves and watch 
where we're walking and while we're walking quietly ask God to 
sensitize us to the Perennial Problem of Spiritual Pride.

Russell Kelfer


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