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Reaching Out


Reaching out to those who are distressed,
Helping those who are hurting and depressed.
Reaching out and offering a helping hand,
Inviting others to partake of the salvation plan.

Reaching out just as someone once did for you,
This is part of God's plan what He desires us to do.
Someone may be drowning in sorrow today,
Won't you reach out to relieve them in some way.

Someone is hungry and needs daily bread,
Won't you reach out so they can be fed.
Someone is lost and can't find their way,
Won't you reach out so they no longer stray.

Reaching out is not a difficult thing to do,
Our Heavenly Father gives the ability to you.
Reaching out is extending your hand,
Just as God did when He made the salvation plan.

When you took God's hand in your own,
The way home to eternity is what you were shown.
Reaching out for other lost souls today,
Will get us all home to be with God forever to stay.

By Barbara Philbrook


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