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Are You Tired of Empty Promises?


Did you place all your hopes in the things of this world
To find you've never really been satisfied ?
And you've never really been at peace in your heart
Regardless of the things you have tried.

Perhaps it was money, prestige or relationships
That left you disappointed or betrayed.
Or you've never really felt like you ever fit in
No matter where it was you stayed.

Well friend, if you're tired of the vain promises
And the pale answers the world offers up,
Come to the Savior, ask Him to save you
Then I promise He'll fill your cup.

There's nothing this world can give a person
That could ever substitute or replace
A personal relationship with God through His Son
And knowing you're covered by grace.

Then He can feed you each day in His perfect way
From a table where there is still much more room.
So if your heart's had enough of the this world's empty promises,
Come look in the empty tomb.

By Sheila Gosney


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