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True Love And Peace


My faith has never been stronger; my hope has never been brighter; my head has 
never been clearer, my heart has never been calmer; my life has never been purer,
above all I hate none. 

My love for some lifts my soul into the realm of the sublime. I am willing to die today. 
I am willing to live a thousand years to tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love. My
friends are dearer to me. Association with them is sweeter to me. My sympathy for 
suffering souls is stronger. My love for all the pure, the true, the beautiful, the good and
the sublime; from the bud, the blossom, the babe up to Him from whom all blessings
flow, is truer, tenderer, sweeter than ever before. I sleep soundly, dream sweetly, 
and rejoice evermore.

By T. B. Larimore


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