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Hard Times


There are times when day and night,
They are the same, there is no light.
My heart is heavy, my soul is burning,
My mind is troubled, but there's still a yearning.

Wanting to know that Jesus cares,
If only my burdens with Him I'd share.
When fear is great and hope is gone,
Your eyes are tired from tears that's run.
There's no comfort from words that are said,
Sleep won't come, each moment you dread.

Nothing seems right, the harder you try,
The more you fail, the more you cry.
Where is the relief that eludes me so?
Must each tomorrow be a vengeful blow?

Day after day, the hurt is the same,
But there is help, there is a name.
The name of Jesus I need to call,
He's ready to listen, He is our all.
Counselor, Confidant, Savior and Friend,
He promises these to all never end.

He'll turn trials into triumphs and tears to cheers,
Sadness into sunshine, darkness to joyful years.
Jesus knows our hurts and pains,
And He is forgiving again and again.

The road to Heaven is narrow and long,
But He will guide us safe and strong.
If only we'd let Him lead the way,
Trust, honor, obey and pray.

Believe on His Word and promises too,
He'll love, deliver and come back for you.
Praise. worship, witness and sing,
Unto Jesus, celebrate these things.

His coming is soon and Judgment is near,
Spread the Word so that all may hear.
Fall on your knees, to God give thanks,
Salvation is free, what a difference He makes!

By Dana R. Duczer

For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten 
Son, so all who believe in Him should not perish but 
have everlasting Life.
John 3:16


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