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The Choice Is Yours


My friend Kenny is a used car dealer. He's also a committed Christian. 
He has a sign out front that says, "Heaven Or Hell, the choice is 
yours." A lot of Kenny's customers are curious about the sign. Kenny 
says it sparks a lot of conversations that allow him to share his 
faith with others. 

I thought of Kenny's sign awhile back when I watched a re-run of an 
episode of the popular Seinfeld show. In the episode, Elaine borrows 
boyfriend David Puddy's car. She's surprised to find all of the radio 
preset buttons tuned to Christian stations. She expresses her surprise 
to Jerry and George and wonders if Puddy really is a Christian. She 
even steals the "Jesus Fish" from the back of his car to show them 
as evidence of her suspicions. 

Always trying to find a solution that includes good humor, George and 
Jerry advise her to tune the radio buttons to different settings before 
taking the car back to see what happens. Sure enough, a few weeks later 
she borrows Puddy's car again and all of the settings are back on 
Christian stations. When she shares this with George and Jerry, she 
wonders aloud, "Perhaps Puddy has more depth that I thought." 

Later she confronts Puddy and, realizing her own lack of a relationship 
with God, starts asking about his faith. Eventually, she poses the 
question, "Puddy, aren't you at all concerned about my lack of faith." 
Without pausing he replies, "No." When she asks why, he calmly replies, 
"Because I'm not the one who's going to go to hell." 

We are all free agents. We are responsible for our own decision when 
it comes to Christ. While it was played for dramatic effect by the 
Seinfeld scriptwriters, there is a great deal of truth in Puddy's 
stance. Each of us, as individuals, is called to make a decision about
the one we call Christ. No one else can make that decision for you. 

When you die and you are asked why you should be allowed to enter 
heaven, it won't be what your friend says that matters. It's what you 
say. Can you claim that it is because Christ died for you and you have 
accepted his resurrection on faith? As my friend Kenny would say, 
"Heaven or Hell, the Choice is yours." 

By Keith Todd


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