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The Conversation Of Angels


It is impossible to fully comprehend just how great is our salvation in Christ Jesus! 
(Hebrews 2:3) As an apostle once put it: 

"Even angels long to look into these things." (1 Peter 1:12 NIV) 

And yet, how richly we are blessed as we struggle again and again to comprehend the 

To aid us in that struggle and blessing, imagine the following conversation between 
two of God's angels who were present at Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection as they 
"long to look into" the full meaning of all they have witnessed. 
_ _ _ _

Angel 1: "We were ready! Just like countless times before. We held the might God gave
each one of us within our hands and we were ready to destroy anyone who would dare harm
the Son. At the slightest sign from the Father, we were ready!" 

Angel 2: "We had done it so many times before. Those that thought they were in control.
Those that thought they possessed power --- kings, emperors, Pharaohs, even self 
professed holy men and angels of darkness, sometimes Satan himself would be involved. 
It’s our job. We act for Him." 

Angel 1: "All He had to do was give a nod or point a finger. We would have rushed in 
if He would so much as given it a thought." 

Angel 2: "It has always been so 'easy.' What might appear to be battles has always 
been minimal effort with the Father. He sends - we go - He provides - we triumph. No 
matter how big or numerous the foe, the outcome is always the same – God wins." 

Angel 1: "I’ve never seen all the angels assembled at the same time. There have always
been messages to deliver and godly missions to be performed. Even when the Son was born,
not all of us got to watch or participate the whole time. We’ve always got things to 
do! But not that day, not there in Jerusalem." 

Angel 2: "Without being told, we were all doing the same thing. We all clinched our 
lightning bolts and stood ‘on go.’ I could feel the other angels and even myself wanting 
to cheat on the start before God said. The anticipation and eagerness grew even more 
after the arrest. We were so engrossed in what was happening with the Lord, we weren’t 
looking at the Father. I couldn’t believe it when I looked to see if God was ready to 
tell us to act yet. His back was turned! How could it be? How could He let it happen?" 

Angel 1: "No one moved. No one spoke. No one even blinked. Insults, mockery, lies, 
thorns, a bloody beating, --- we had all seen evil plenty of times but never when God 
was at the receiving end. That image of God the Father with his back turned while God 
the Son, was being brutalized is still hard for me to accept. Why does God love these 
people so?" 

Angel 2: "Crucifixions aren't new to me. The Father has sent me to stand beside and 
minister to more than one person who died on a tree. But this … this was far different
from just another human being killed for a crime. This was part of the mystery we had 
all been so interested in since the creation. And it wasn’t just the heavenly angels 
who took interest either. Satan’s group was there - and well they should have been 
because as it turned out, it marked the beginning of the end for him!" 

Angel 1: "We had known from the beginning a sacrifice would take place and that the 
Son would be the offering. Only those with a spiritual eyesight could truly see, but 
none of us thought about Him taking on such an ugly appearance. Father God had purposely 
made His physical features ordinary just to serve His purpose better. But when the 
Son took the sins of the world on Himself it was like … well, it was like the appearance 
of all of mankind’s ugliness at one time. While all had been so still so long, the 
first movement I saw among the heavenly host was the grimace they made at the sight of
it. Everyone grimaced like they would if they saw pain being inflicted on an infant." 

Angel 2: "The time on the cross seemed long even to an angel. We all had resumed our 
motionless stance, still eager to see it all and what would happen next. Perhaps it was
just me, but it seemed the whole creation became all the more still - as if the world 
held its breath. All but the very ones for whom this was benefiting. Every time Jesus 
would say something, it made it that much harder not to intervene." 

Angel 1: "The life may have left His body, but it was still not over. Now the separation
between the Father and the Son was greater than ever. The darkness of separation was far 
greater than that of the closed tomb. Wasn’t it enough already? Hadn’t the price been 
paid? I kept thinking: 'Please Father, let me go to him! Punish me, instead!' But 
none of us were good enough." 

Angel 2: "It was the reaction of the demons that first got my attention. I hadn’t even 
noticed that the Father had sent the angels closest to Him to the grave. There was no 
mistaking the anguish on the faces of those angels of darkness though. Their time was 
finished. What power they had was sucked away. Then the Son burst out of the tomb! It 
was like the creation all over again, but even greater! God has amazed us time and again 
but never could we have imagined that day!" 

Angel 1: "And then … then we sang … without be told the words. We sang as if they were 
the only words to sing: 

'Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength 
and honor and glory and praise.' 

Angel 2: "And as if that wasn’t grand enough … every creature in all of heaven and earth 
joined in and sang: 

'To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, 
for ever and ever!' 

Hallelujah! Amen! 


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