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God Is Good
A short, true story


There was an old man at our church who had loved God all of his life. This 
man John, walked around saying "God is Good". He said it all the time, 
whenever and wherever he was. When John got married he said, "God is Good".

When John lost his job he said, "God is Good". When John's father died he 
said, "God is Good". When Johns wallet got stolen he said, "God is Good".

Well, you get the idea, no matter what John did, or what happened to him, we 
would always hear him say, "God is Good".

A few months ago, John was diagnosed with cancer. The disease had spread 
rapidly and he was told by his doctor he'd have only a few weeks to live. 
Still, even on his death bed, John could be heard by everyone in the hospital 
repeating his famous line, "God is Good". 

Our pastor Charles was Johns best friend. Charles went everyday to visit 
John in the hospital. And every night before Charles left John would tell 
him, "God is Good".

Finally after weeks of watching his best friend get worse and worse from his 
terminal disease, Charles just could not stand it any longer and asked John, 
" John you are my best friend and I love you. I love the Lord as much as you 
do, too. I have listened to you say that God is Good your whole life. 
Through the good times, maybe I can understand you saying how good God is. 
Maybe even through the hard times, to help yourself cope. But now, laying 
here on your death bed, how can you be so optimistic? How can you say 'God 
is good' every day when you know he is letting you die?" 

John just looked at Charles and smiled.

"Dear friend, don't you see all of those times I was saying God was Good, it 
was my way of praising him in the little way I could. And look what my reward 
is for remaining faithful, I am dieing. You say God is letting me die as if 
that is a bad thing. Charles, have you forgotten that is our goal. To live 
our life for Him, and join him one day in heaven. See, GOD IS GOOD! He has 
finally called me home and in a few hours I will be with Him. I can't 
imagine anything greater than that."

John died that night in his sleep. Charles stood up and said only two things 
at John's funeral: "I will miss my friend but I know I will see him again 
one day soon, and GOD IS GOOD."

Let us praise the Lord in everything that comes our way for 
our reward will be great in Heaven... 


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