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My Salvation Story


I accepted God's Wonderful One on July 27, 1997 @ 10:40 AM, in my Sunday School class at 
Clearview Baptist Church in Rustburg, Virginia. The Pastor was Dr. Wayne F. Greene, my 
Sunday School teacher at the time was Mrs. Betty Maddox. 

The students were about to have the prayer to open the class. This was a prayer where the teacher 
starts the prayer, then each student adds a mini-prayer on to the previous person's. When it was my
turn, I simply cried out to God, asking Him to forgive me of my sins, and I told Him that I am 
accepting His Son Jesus Christ, as my personal Lord and SAVIOR. 

After the close of the prayer, Mrs. Maddox then told me how I could become a Christian. She told 
me that I was a sinner that was lost and undone without Him, and that I was a person that was on 
the road to a real Hell. She also told me that I could accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, by first 
acknowledging that I was lost and in need of the Savior, then believing from the heart that He was 
crucified on Calvary, was laid in a borrowed tomb for 3 days, and that He ROSE FROM THE 
DEAD on the 3rd day. With that, I asked Him into my heart and life, and accepted Him as my 

God Bless You,
Camden Wood


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