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The Lord Will Help You Through


I had lost my drivers license and was not near a bus line. The nearest bus line was five miles 
away. I got a job in the city hanging drywall. At this time, I began my walk with the Lord. 

Every morning at 4:30 a.m. I would call a cab to drive me five miles to the nearest bus stop. By 
5:45, I would board the bus to be at my job by 7:00. I would work all day and then ride the 
bus again. I would arrive by 5:00 p.m. back to the bus stop. I would then walk five miles (with 
my 40 lb. tool bag) to home. I would be home by 7:00 p.m. On three separate occasions I 
believe the Lord sent angels to my aid in my time of most need. 

On the first occasion it was the most icy day of the year. After slipping several times (and being 
totally discouraged) a car drove up and stopped. An Indian man (possibly Eskimo) asked me if
I needed a ride. He commented on how beautiful the ice looked on the trees and what a great 
day it was. He drove me to my door. 

The second time it was the most coldest day of the year (5 degrees). Again walking (being totally 
discouraged), a car drove up and stopped. A blond hair man with an accent (possibly Scandinavian)
with a large wolf type dog asked me if I needed a ride. He had a small 2 seat car and said "If you 
don't mind the dog then get in". I squeezed in and he drove me to my door. He had the best attitude
commenting on how beautiful God's majesty is with the snow on the trees. 

The third time it was the hottest day of the year (100 degrees plus). I again was walking (discouraged)
and a car drove up and stopped. In the car was a girl of African descent (with an African accent). She
commented on how beautiful the green leaves looked on the trees and what a great day it was. She 
drove me to my door. 

On all three occasions God sent His perfect angels to encourage me in my walk. The Eskimo in the 
ice storm, the Scandinavian in the snow storm, and the African in the heat storm. 

The Lord will see you through if you let Him.


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