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The Day The Angels Rejoiced


My name is John and I grew up in your average American home. I had a mom and
dad three older sisters and two older brothers, cat and dog. I was not
raised in a Christian home and had very little interaction with any church
as a young child. However, one my oldest sisters became a Christian in the
late 70's and took me to Sunday school at the church she was attending.

During my adolescent years when all my sisters were married and out of the
house, I developed a special bond with my older brother Michael. We did
everything together. We spent countless hours hanging out and every where we
went I was always introduced my him as his little brother. Except for my mom
and dad he was the most important person in my life.

There are two defining moments in my life. The first one was on April 24,
1984. I was a senior in high school at that time and I had a part time job
after school working as a janitor at a local mall. Just like so many other
evenings, my brother stopped by to say hello! We talked, laughed and he went
on his way. I finished my duties for the night and went home. Approximately,
9:35pm after leaving a note on my brother's bed a knock came at the door and
it was a police officer. He requested to speak to my mom and dad. I quickly,
woke up my dad from a deep sleep. The officer asked my dad if he would
please sit down. The next few words from the police officer was this, "Mr.
Voglis I am sorry to tell you this but your son was in a car accident. I am
sorry to tell you he was killed." I screamed, "No"!! I ran to his room where
the note I just left him! I ran up stairs to my mom screaming, "Mommy,
Mommy, Michael is dead"!! Running down my street screaming NO! No!

From that moment, my life would turn in the wrong direction. During my
college years, I tried so hard to fill the void in my broken heart. I was so
angry inside and blamed God for my brother's death. I tried everything to
fill that pain. I was a walking time bomb!

Eventually, I met a girl name Heide. There was something different about
her. I found out she was a Christian. She had something I wanted so badly.
After dating nearly two years the most defining moment occurred in my life
on August 18. 1991. In a small Bible church, I heard a message and at the end
of the message the pastor gave an invitation and I bowed my head... and with
tears rolling down my face I asked Jesus Christ to forgive me for of my sins
and that I believed He died for me and asked Him into my heart. Within a
blink of an eye all the pain, sorrow, anger, was completely washed away. I
was touched by the hand of God!!

Shortly, after I wrote a song called the "Love of Jesus" which tells my

God has so blessed me since The Day the Angels Rejoiced.
Recently, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary where I am pursuing
to be a Youth Pastor.

Jesus changed my life and he can change yours.


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