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When The Lord Called My Name


GREETINGS in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is written in Rev. 12:11 "We are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and
the word of our testimony"

I would like at this time to share with you my testimony and what the Lord
has done for my soul and all glory goes to Him.

I was born in the hills of West Virginia Sept. 7th, 1946 to Robert and Thula
Fleming the second of eight children. My father was a coal miner. Love
was a strong and noticeable in our home. Mother was and still is a warrior
of the cross and bold for the promised land. Edward D. Fleming was the name
given to me, the (D) was for Daniel (God my judge).

In my early years, my mother said I was the one that had interest in the 
Bible more than my other brothers and sisters, so as I was growing up I 
would spend allot of time alone in the hills and woods, I loved the wild 
animals, my early life was alright. It wasn't until I left home the trouble 
started with the drugs and drinking and all that went with it. 

At the age of 19..me and my oldest brother left home for the northern 
cities looking for work and came to a place called Flint, Michigan to work 
in the automobile plant building cars. That is where the drugs and 
drinking really got bad to worst, being married at that time with one 
child, times where good and bad more bad, things started going down soon 
to where three more children, my wife and I where drifting apart until we 
went our separate ways and I just got deep into drugs and drinking. There 
was no end in sight. I wanted to go back home but that didn't happen. I 
just didn't care anymore about life and I just wanted out and the only 
ones who really knew that was my mother and GOD of course.

THEN one day it all came crashing down around me, at this point in my life 
it was over and it seemed like there was nowhere to go nowhere to run and 
thatís when I heard this voice, like it was calling my name. I couldn't 
figure it out. and at the same time I felt a peace come over me. There in 
my little two room apartment and somehow I knew it was GOD and right 
there on the floor I being to cry out to Him the only way I knew and it 
seemed like He put His hand on my head and it was so warm. It was like 
heat flowing down through me.

After that things started changing, not real fast but change had come, my 
wife had moved way for awhile, we never got back together but I was able 
to see my children and that was great. After four years the Lord brought 
my new wife into my life and things where going ok... OH' there were some 
battles that came but the Lord was there...

NOW if you don't mind I would just like to share with you what happen 
after I got saved, the war was on...ITíS like this, I owe it all to JESUS; 
to Him be the glory. Because I have been in some of the most wretched, 
miserable conditions for a Christian that any one could ever have been in, 
and every time the Lord came and rescued me out of it, every time.

Then the unthinkable happen...one of my daughters was smitten with cancer 
and died at the age of 23 there is a long testimony about that Iíll share 
that at another time, and just one year or so after that my only son was 
shot to death at the age of 23 as well, like I said the war was on.  I 
started drifting away from the Lord in all of that, trouble was there 
again and it wasn't long and I was back in the dark.

I had been months and years in darkness, months in thinking that the Lord 
had left me, I thought that I really offend Him. There was a time in my 
walk that I served the Lord with all my heart and still I failed to see 
all the wrong choices caused things like that to happen. At times I could 
feel the cold darkness of death all around me just closing in on every
side so fast and hard, sometimes it was even hard to breath.

I didn't know what to do or where to go, I was in a backslidden state, I 
had left the church and the ministry, I just started running going nowhere 
fast, it got worst and worst the more I ran the pain was so heavy and 
there where no more tears to cry and I felt anger slowly creeping in 
starting to take control of my life and there was nothing I could do about 
it and that was scary.

I was so weak and worn out and just fed up with it all, there was no one 
to turn to, I was all alone, thinking at times about my children, all my 
nights where sleepless not wanting to see the next day, just wanting to 
die. I was in my own world of hell on earth. But once again the voice of 
the Lord came to me in the night for the first time in such a long time, I 
was frighten so that I trembled, I knew it was the lord and I was so 
ashamed I felt so naked before Him.  I just began to weep out of control. 
Tears that I once could not cry came back to me that day and my heart was 
hurting so bad.

I knew the Lord had come for me and then I heard him say to me " DANIEL 
(my middle name) you are mine and I love you so much and I have plans for 
you, for it is almost time for me to return and I have something that I 
want to do in and through you and when I called you it was not the wrong 
choice, for it is my desire that you live for me that I may through you 
show my self to this world. I have many more sons and daughters just like 
you that I have plans for in this last hour of time, know this and know it 
well, you are mine and I called you by your name. I AM going to reveal my 
will in your life. no more running, no more hiding. it is time for you to 
let me rise up in you for the last time...I will have it no other way."

Thatís what the Lord had said to me and no matter what anybody says, from 
this point on it is my only desire...and that is to let God have His way 
and no other, for there is none; no not one...



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