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God's Faithfulness


"All I can say is God always proves Himself to be faithful - all the time! We are the ones who are unfaithful a
lot of the time! Our car developed a "knock" in the engine and to have it repaired would have cost us over 
ZW$200,000.00. We didn't have anything near that amount of money! And the mechanic told us that we 
wouldn't be able to drive the car for very long before it finally ceased. If we really had to drive it, we were 
to travel at no more than 40km/hr. 

Anyway, we began to pray that God would find a buyer for the car - with it's "knock." Months passed and 
there were many enquiries, but no confirmations. Eventually, a young man approached my husband and asked 
if he could buy the car for $500.000.00. It was a bit short of what we wanted to sell it for, but nevertheless, we
let it go for that price. The young man didn't buy the car for its use, but was planning on breaking it up for spare 
parts for his business. While the vehicle was sold, we had no transport. The children's school is way too far to 
walk to every morning, so we began to really intercede that God would provide for us a car. 

It was going to have to be a "ridiculous" blessing - because there is no ways one can buy a car in Zimbabwe for 
$500,000.00 and expect it to be road-worthy! Days were passing by and we were getting desperate. I decided 
to go to the bank for a loan to buy a decent car. The repayments looked impossible and we would be financially 
stumped for many years and I left the bank feeling very discouraged and alone! That was a Tuesday afternoon. 

On Wednesday after attending mid-week service, we got home and while having supper, I told my husband that
I didn't feel comfortable putting the family under such a strenuous financial burden. My husband insisted that we 
trust God to meet that "burden" but I still didn't feel comfortable. Before going to bed, I called my elder daughter 
- 9 yrs old and we gathered around the bed and prayed this simple prayer: "Lord, we only have $500,000.00 and
this money is unable to buy anything that runs on wheels. You are going to have to stretch it for us. We need 2 
cars: one very decent car for the family and one good second car for me to travel to work with. Please Lord, 
we need these cars urgently." 

On Thursday afternoon, I took my hands off this situation and gave it over completely to God (something I always
have trouble doing). After praying, I scanned the newspaper and saw the words VW Jetta for sale. I then 
remembered that my ex-boss who lives in the UK now, left his Jetta behind and it was being used by a colleague. 
I emailed him and asked him if we could buy it to which he immediately replied saying that that was no problem. 
We agreed on a price and I was so blessed! We went to have a look at the car that evening and brought it home
immediately. Then we heard of another car 2 weeks prior to that day that was being sold by a man leaving the 
country. We went over to see it and ended up buying that one too - a Nissan Langley. Although it's a bit of an 
old car, but it was kept in mint condition and the price was "ridiculous" as well. 

So on Friday 31st May we had no car, on Saturday 1st June, we had two very good conditioned, reasonably priced
cars, plus we had some change as well. So, once again, God is faithful and heard our prayers. He has never 
abandoned us and He has proven, once again, that He will never leave us nor forsake us. So, all praise and glory
and honour goes to the Lord! 

Something else that we prayed for was that God would prosper us in order to maintain the gifts He has given us, and
that we would definitely be good stewards of what He has given us. I pray that whoever reads this would be 
encouraged and uplifted!"

Hazel Hendrickse


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