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My Healing And Trip With Jesus


During the fall of 1992 I had what I thought was the usual fall allergies. I sneezed and coughed and had some 
low grade fever. I took several rounds of antibiotics from September to January. I thought I would get through
the holidays and then go for a good check up. 

I was so tired and out of breath during the weeks before Christmas that I would have to leave the shopping 
center and come home. Sometimes, I could only go to one store without leaving. I made it through the Holidays
and still thought this was one of those lingering infections that would go away. One Sunday night I got really 
uncomfortable with pain in my back left lung area. I went to the emergency room. A chest x-ray was done. 
The doctor called me to the view box where he was studying my x-ray. He said you have a coin lesion in the 
left upper lobe of your lung. I knew what that meant. He was telling me I had a tumor in my lung and I also 
knew that they usually were malignant. He made me promise to see my surgeon the next morning. I told him 
I would and left the hospital. The next day I went to see my surgeon and he told me he needed to biopsy 
right away and then on to surgery shortly after the biopsy. 

He scheduled the biopsy that week and it was inconclusive. Surgery was scheduled for February 3, 1993. 

I checked into the hospital the day I had surgery and after going to surgery I woke up a month later. I was on
life support and in a coma for twenty days. I had blood clots that went to my brain and to the right lung. 

While I was in the coma I was with Jesus. It was a wonderful experience that is as, vivid in my mind today as, 
the time that it was happening. There were a lot of people in a large room and I was there with them. Jesus 
would come to me from time to time and say let's go! we would be there the moment he said it. We didn't talk
with our mouth, you know everything there and we talked with our minds. He would stop and I would answer
or started talking to him. 

Jesus took me to what looked like an interstate bridge. There was a hollowed out place to the side of the bridge
and Jesus told me to stand there. He stood looking down the highway. I was curious as to what he was watching.
I peeped out and looked from over his shoulder and there was the blackest smutty looking tornado coming down
that highway. It would touch the concrete and look so angry and sparks would fly out from the tornado. It was 
death and it was coming after me. I knew that it would have to go through Jesus to get to me. Jesus didn't say a
word He just stood there peacefully. When the tornado got there it popped over the bridge and went on. 

Jesus took me to another bridge another time where little children were playing. They were on a slight sloping, grassy
area with some flowers here and there. They were playing, singing and laughing. Jesus was laughing too. He looked 
at me and said when you put my word in their little hearts you put a bridge of safety over them. He waved His arm 
toward the bridge referring to safety. 

The next time I was with Jesus we were walking on the lawn of a beautiful house. The door was open and we walked
into the foyer and on into their living room. I said Lord, I can't go in there. There were small snakes under the chairs
and tables in the room and I didn't want to get anywhere near them. He said it's alright they are everywhere. He was 
referring to demons. I just stood there and we watched the people in the dining room eating finger foods and chatting. 
It must have been a cocktail party. They were not aware that we were there and they were not aware that demons 
were all over their house. They looked quite wealthy and their home looked like Better Homes and Garden. They 
didn't seem aware that God even existed. 

The next place Jesus took me was beside a stream of water. It was a misty place that had moss hanging from the trees. 
There was small water falls to the right of us. We sat down beside the water. I turned to look at Jesus and I thought I 
am just like you and you are like me and I have always known you and you have always known me. He accepted me 
completely and I him. He was total love and very handsome. He had a wonderful sense of humor we laughed and were 
enjoying ourselves. He was not at all the way some Christians describe him. When he looks at you, you are convicted of 
any wrong you have ever done. There were some words I had spoken against some people and I said Lord I won't do 
that any more. That was before being with Jesus. He said I made them in my very own image. I have never forgotten 
that. It doesn't matter what they have done, every person is made in the image and likeness of God. 

I picked stones up out of the water and looked at them. They were the most beautiful stones I had ever seen. Those 
stones represented us the living stones. I would throw them back in the water and look at another one. Once I said, 
Lord aren't these stones beautiful and he said yes, they are. He told me to pray for people and tell them about him. 

I remember waking one morning in March and getting up to go to the bathroom. I thought I had had surgery the day 
before. I had tubes and a heart monitor hanging from my chest. I looked into the mirror and thought how awful I look. 
The roots of my hair had grown out and I had just tinted my hair a few days before. I felt down on my chest hunting 
for sutures and there wasn't any. I thought that was strange but thought maybe I had been closed some other way. I 
started to prepare for a shower and a friend walked in. She said what are you doing? I said I am going to take a 
shower just have a seat and I will be there in a minute. She took off and brought a nurse back with her. Still not 
knowing what had happened to me I went back into the room and hoped she would go home so I could get my bath. 

My doctor stopped by to check on me and I was telling him some things that was not true. He said that is not right
and I said well what is right I don't seem to know what is the truth and what is a lie. He jumped up and left the room. 
He thought I had brain damage. Finally, the family began to tell me a few things and told me the doctors said if I lived
I would be a vegetable. They had been called to my bedside three or four times and told I was dying. 

The doctors told my family that I was a miracle. I have to agree. I have had my records for some time and I couldn't
stand to read them. When I finally did sit down to read them I felt like they were about someone else. 

I has to have bleeding and clotting times done every other day after I got out of the Hospital for a long time. I was 
on blood thinner. 

The week I got out of the hospital I went to Oncology to start Radiation. I took thirty four treatments on the tumor
site. After finishing radiation I was to visit my doctor once a month. Two weeks later I started having pain in my side 
near my left kidney. 

I went back had another scan and they found a tumor the size of a lemon on the adrenal gland. I was given fourteen
very harsh treatments on this tumor. It only shrunk about one third it's size I was sent for another scan they found that 
I had numerous tumors all over my liver. I had enlarged nodes up and down my sternum. 

I was taken to the chemotherapy doctor across the hall at this time. I was told I had three to six months to live and 
that I could take chemo here or go somewhere else. I chose to take chemo there. I didn't think I could ride to go 
out of town if I wanted too. 

All during this time I had had people praying for me. I was praying too. Nothing changed. Every report seemed 
worse than the one before. 

I came home that day and I was alone and started screaming out to the Lord saying Lord I have believed your word 
and you haven't done anything for me. I cried and cried and finally I said well Lord I am just going to believe your 
word anyway. I felt so far away from the Lord that whole year. I felt like he had left me. The valley I was in was very deep. 

I read in the word in Numbers that God cannot lie. So, I said Lord I am holding you at your word. You say you cannot
lie so from this day forward I am healed by the strips of Jesus. 

Seven months later February of 1994, I was given a clean bill of health and it has been that way ever since. God 
Completely healed me. It came with my salvation. I received my healing the very same way that I received salvation. 
Did I feel healed? I sure didn't I didn't go by feelings I went by faith. I took every treatment the doctor wanted to give me. 
I did everything the doctors said to do. God's word is true in spite of medicine. I put my trust in the Lord and not into man.
It is where we put our trust. When I was given a clean bill of health I still didn't feel healed. I had been through harsh chemo
and took two pints of blood after almost every treatment. I literally felt like I had walked through hell fire, but I can tell you 
Jesus was with me in the fire and brought me through it all holding my hand. 

I was diagnosed with Non-small cancer which is fast growing. There is no remission with this kind of cancer. I refused to 
take morphine. I didn't go to bed. I sat in my recliner a lot. I was determined to call the things that are not as though 
there were and act like it. I am 64 years old. I am a busy housewife, mother and grandmother. 

I have spoken in churches and have an outreach ministry. 

God Bless! 


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