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Today, I Am Saved


On Nov. 26, 1992...was the beginning of my life-changing process! I can now look back temporarily,
and see how my previous lifestyle- was one that led to death! But I am THANKFUL to The Lord up
until-this day- that He loved me so much-personally, and rescued me from the clutches of the enemy-
otherwise known as the devil. And I THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR RESCUING ME! 

I was involved in a one-car fatal accident; in which there were two people in the car- my car. My younger
second cousin-whom of which was deceased (God rest his soul); and myself-that suffered a partially 
paralyzed right side temporarily; a compound fractured right upper arm; a closed head injury (more 
specifically - a Traumatic Brain Injury); and lay in a coma for seven days. Even died clinically twice-
where once I stopped breathing, and on a separate occasion-my heart stopped beating for 4-5 mins.
The Lord loved me so, until each time He would push me right back into the land of the living. And 
I'm forever grateful! THANK YOU JESUS! 

This testimony is multiple "testimonies" all wrapped into one "HUGE TESTIMONY" of The Savior's love
for me; in which I THANK YOU JESUS!! 

You see, a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), affects ones short-term memory! As a result, one may remember
what may have happened 15, 20, or more years, ago! But may NOT REMEMBER what may have 
happened 15, 20, or less minutes earlier! 

As a result of this TBI, I could not remember how to do many things lots of us tend to take for granted, such 
as: walking, talking, bathing myself, dressing myself; thinking; and much more! 

But God loves us so, until He continued to rescue me each time hardships came-and He deserves the 
Praise & Glory-Hallelujah!

The car had flipped a minimum of six times (State Trooper Estimates)-and ejected both of us some 
50-60 feet from the accident scene. 

Further, as a result of my TBI-could not remember where I lived; nor who some of my family members were-
whom I had known before-hand; and this is not all: as each time I share this testimony, there is much more that 
I realize that God had done for me than last shared it! GOD TRULY IS GOOD! AND HE 
REALLY DOES LOVE US! Rom. 8:39 tells us... Nothing could ever separate us from His love, which 
is found in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

Then there's the coma phase...where it seemed I was seeing everything I had done up until that point-but I 
could not remember when I had done them! I could not distinguish between the past; the present; and the future! 

Once again, our Lord & Savior intervened on my behalf! Hallelujah!

Spent 4-5 months in 3 or 4 different hospitals-even a major Community Re-entry Rehabilitation Hospital for 
those with injuries of this magnitude-focusing on Respiratory, Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapies-for 
about 2-3 months! My HEAVENLY FATHER was right there with me caring for me during those 
comatose years! Example of my mentality then was this: was once asked by my therapist then-(in trying to
evaluate my comprehension/ appropriateness'/reasoning abilities skills) - "If you spilled some water on the floor 
of your house, what would you do?"-she asked me! My reply was, "I'd buy a new house!" At that time period
in my life, it never occurred to me that the most appropriate thing to do was to get a mop and mop it up! I 
responded: "Buy a new house!...as if I had as much or more money than Donald Trump or Tiger Woods, or
somebody! The Lord carried me through this phase as well! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! 
And He was doing all these things on my behalf while I was a "deceived Christian" As I use to think Showing 
my life to me! Also confirming Romans 5:8..,Christ died for us while we were yet sinners.

The Lord is Truly a good God! He's so merciful; so compassionate; so forgiving; and HE IS just what we
need Him to be- when we need Him to be. 

There is still much more to this testimony: 

For example-how He kept me, even when I was having a seemingly normal conversation with my mother-who
has been deceased since 1976-it seems to me then: she was understanding the points/questions I was raising-
and so was I understanding her, as well! 

Then the Lord took away the taste of alcohol from me- I asked submitted to His will and humbled myself; plus 
asked His help out of a sincere heart! He has helped me keep from even the least drop of any alcohol, at all! 
Last time using this tool of the devil was Oct. 1998...and God has kept the desires from me! Thank You Jesus! 
He has also delivered me from marijuana...which last for this substance is June. 1999. Wasn't into crack, heroin, etc. 

Then when I had nowhere else to turn-as I was not able to secure; nor keep any compatible employment-I turned
to God! And He heard my cry! He came to see about me; He put His Spirit down in me- purposing a strong 
desire to do what is right and pleasing in His sight. From that point forward---I wanted to live for HIM! 
THANK YOU LORD! You came to my rescue and I thank you Lord! 

See, I've learned that God does resist the proud; but He shows favor to the humble. I thank God for how 
He restored me. 

A broken spirit is one of the things The Lord works best with! 

There is still more-but suffice it to stand in agreement that: "GOD IS A GOOD GOD!" 

Please pray for me that God will continue to strengthen me; and anoint me! 

THANK GOD FOR JESUS! And thank you for this opportunity to uplift Jesus!


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