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God Isn't Far Away


God isn't far away; 
He surrounds you with His love. 
It was He who opened your eyes this morning. 
It is His strength that will carry you through this day, 
and it is in His peace that your heart will find rest tonight. 

God isn't far away. 
He is the light of this day. 
He is the sky above you, 
the earth beneath you, 
and the life of every living thing. 

He is in every smile, 
in every thought that gives you hope, 
in every tear that waters your soul, 
and in every moment you can't face alone. 

He's the love on your loved one's face. 
He's in the friends along the way... 
in strangers you have yet to meet 
and blessings you have yet to receive. 

He's in every good thing that touches you. 
He is in every step you make 
and every breath you take. 
He's not far away, 
for He is with you always. 

~Nancy Sims~


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