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Momma's Slot


Though harsh words have passed between us 
And emotions have run cold, 
There's a slot with your name on it 
Deep within my heart and soul. 

Now that slot is labeled "Mother" 
Where I've stashed so much inside, 
But today I gladly empty 
What I've tucked away through pride. 

First, there's heartfelt understanding 
For the way you think and feel. 
You have done what's necessary 
For your childhood wounds to heal. 

I'll expose appreciation 
By proclaiming clear and loud, 
You stood strong in spite of struggles; 
Your advancement makes me proud. 

Prayer fueled your forward progress; 
You held tight to Trust in God, 
And your Faithful Scripture study 
Helped you hold, not spare the rod. 

Jesus picked my precious parent 
You're just perfect as you are. 
So I'm pulling out acceptance, 
Mom, you are my superstar. 

Well it's time to scrape the bottom 
Since I left the best for last, 
It's my love that's brightly burning 
Casting light on darkened past. 

Opened wide, my slot is stretched out 
Huge enough to humbly say, 
You're a Blessing sent from Heaven 
"Have a Happy Mother's Day". 

By Juanita DeHart

For my Mom: 
All the things I could never say, 
All the thoughts I couldn't share, 
All the debts I can never repay. 
Happy Mother's Day! 
I Love you Mom. 


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