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Encouragement - Stories and Poems

Everybody needs encouragement now and then, and we offer these stories and poems to you in the hopes that you'll find something that will touch your heart, something that will help you to face a new day, a new situation, a new problem.  God wants us to lead rich, full lives, and sometimes we need to be encouraged towards the fulfillment of our potential.

It is our prayer that you will be blessed by the stories and poems below!



Letters To God From Kids
Feel The Wind
The Cost of Kids
At The Counter
The Unknown Christian
Love Letter From Heaven
The Rich Family In Church
Catch Me, Jesus!
The Pit
In Everything Give Praise
The World's Biggest Miracle
The Fragrance Of Love
Very Much Alive
Man Overboard
Nobody Is A Nobody
God Showing Through
The Kitten
Little Annie
A Preacher And An Atheist
Ice Cream: Good For The Soul
The Reef
Don't Wake Him Up
Goodness Follows You
The Missionary's Leg


The Anonymous One
Don't Look Back
The Little Fish
My Redeemer Lives
He Has Not Forgotten You
A Simple Plan
You Mustn't Quit
It Is Finished
In His Hands
The Christian Life
A Mother's Crown
Momma's Slot
God Is
My Son Stood Firm
23rd Psalm At Work
My Very Best Gift
Strength For The Day
The Daddy Dance
Jesus And Me
Blessings In Disguise
What Is Rain?
Hold On To Your Dreams
Cancer Is So Limited
Breathing Space
The Twenty-Third Psalm