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My Very Best Gift


The very best gift in life for sure, 
Is Jesus Christ so righteous and pure; 
On the cross he paid the price, 
He was a holy sacrifice; 
With His blood He set us free, 
He paid the price of liberty. 

He did not die and stay that way, 
But rose again on that third day; 
He conquered the devil and death that day, 
He did it all so that He may, 
Come back for us some glorious day, 
And the trump of God shall sound that day! 

In Jesus' sorrow we received joy, 
Which gave our Lord even more joy, 
When Jesus went up from us, 
He promised He'd come back for us; 
When he went to go up from us, 
He gave His last command to us; 

He spoke that command clear and plain; 
To preach 'till He came back again; 
He is alive and coming back, 
But there are some that still doth lack, 
The gift of salvation and their load off their back, 
I know for a fact that God is coming back! 

Author Unknown


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