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A Broken Spirit

When I was young, it was hard to understand,
Where my life was going, where was that guiding hand?
Suffering through the torments, that abuse can bring,
My future sure seemed hopeless, my heart hung on a string.

As a teen, my troubles only grew more deep,
The tortures were overwhelming, sanity was hard to keep.
Punishments were more than physical, and even mental too,
The greatest hurt was Spiritual, so what was I to do?

When I felt so all alone, no one seemed to care,
But God is very wonderful, and He was always there.
Waiting in the shadows, listening for my call,
I left Him waiting patiently, while darkness continued to fall.

More than broken homes, or families torn in two,
Our souls were bruised and battered, my heart unraveled too.
Looking for a rainbow, seeing only the rain,
Each day was darker still, than all the years of pain.

Searching for some happiness, and a little sunshine too,
Finding only heartache, my emptiness only grew.
Hatred soon replaced heartache, and anger was a friend,
Until I saw God’s love, and pain begin to end.

Tho’ times I often wonder, why He had chosen me,
To receive His many blessings, and offer Eternity.
And finally with all my sin, and even selfish pride,
He’s still there standing patiently, waiting by my side.

Through empty promises and dreams, and even a broken heart,
Give it all to Jesus, He’ll give you a brand new start.

By Dana R. Duczer

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