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Sand or Gravel?


The Lord has been with me so many times in my life. And, though I knew someone was 
watching over me, I never really understood until I was saved in September 2000. A lot 
of realizations have come to me since then. 

In 1978 I was climbing up a hill from a beach. It was a very steep path and not very wide. 
I came to a spot where a large rock was in the middle of the path. On one side of the rock
was sand. On the other side there was gravel. I knew that no matter which side I stepped 
on, my foot would slip. When I took the step my foot did slip. From in front of me a hand 
grabbed by arm and helped me stay on my feet. I looked up and there was a man and a 
woman in front of me, both had long hair and had a rather "hippie-ish" look about them. 

After re-gathering my thoughts from my near fall I continued to climb. My husband was 
behind me. When we reached the top we looked for this man who saved me from falling. 
He was no where to be seen. We asked some of the people who had been around us if 
they had seen where he went. They didn't know who we were talking about. They hadn't
seen him in the first place. 

Just this past week, I was thinking about this. And a realization came into
my heart. The Rock was right in front of me. I should have stepped On it instead of 
trying to go around it. 

When I think about things that have happened in my life, I see His intervention all over the 
place. Then I have to wonder why it took me so long to come to Him. 

Praise the Lord


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