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The Prayer That Saved My Husband


The prayer of Faith shall save the sick. James 5:15


Two days after my husband, Danny, left on a trip to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa, 
I was informed that he had been admitted in the hospital with malaria. They told me he 
would be all right after he got quinine medication. I was worried. I prayed hard, or so I 
thought, and even asked several friends to pray for him. However, it seemed that nothing
was happening. The medication didn't work. His fever was still high, and he felt very weak.
I called the hospital every day, hoping to hear something positive. But almost a week 
passed, and there was still no progress. 

I will not forget that evening. He had been in the hospital for more than a week and was still 
very sick. I called at midnight my time and was informed that he was no better than when
admitted. The doctor was worried. When I talked to Danny, I felt his fear of the unknown.
He was worried for me and the girls. 

"Don't be discouraged," I said, "because tonight the Lord will answer our prayers. You will
be out of the hospital tomorrow. Just have faith in Him." With those words I said my 
goodbye, good night, and I love you. 

Lord, You know how discouraged my husband is, I prayed that night. He is so far away 
from us and must be very lonely. You know the pain he is suffering, and You know that I 
am also on the verge of becoming discouraged. I am pleading, Father, please let this be the
last night of his sickness; please take away the fever and make him well. I had a peaceful 
sleep the rest of that night. In the morning I went to the office. During our devotional time, 
I was asked how Danny was faring. I confidently told the group that he was OK and should
be getting out of the hospital. 

About 10:00 Danny called and told me what had happened after we'd talked the night before.
After I'd hung up the phone, he had started to perspire. His hospital gown was soaking wet; 
the hospital even used newspaper to dry him as they didn't have extra gowns. He told me 
that he then had a peaceful and restful sleep. And sure enough, he was discharged that day. 

I believe it was our faith and not the medication that healed my husband that night. God is 
faithful in fulfilling His promises; all we have to do is trust Him. 

Jemima D. Orillosa


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