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Out of Darkness


I was raised in the Lutheran church, went to Bible school, camp, Sunday school. I remember when 
I was 9 years old and My Grandpa had a stroke, I asked my Mom and grandma to pray for him. 
They told me it was God's will what happened to him. I argued because I remembered all the Bible
stories I'd learned about Jesus healing people. But they wouldn't listen. 

I continued to go to Lutheran church, and when I was 18 and moved out. I visited a Pentecostal church.
I remember walking in and people were singing and clapping and saying "Halleluiah" and I thought "Wow,
these people are having FUN!" This was a real strict Pentecostal church and they told me I wasn't saved
if I couldn't pray in tongues, 

I begged God to give me the "gift of tongues" but nothing happened. Anyhow, Years went by and one 
day two Baptists came to my door, asking me if I was "Born Again". I told them "I'm Lutheran" and they
said "are you born again?" That question haunted me. 

I was having severe marriage problems and my life was in shambles. Then I saw Billy Graham on TV and 
He was talking about being Born Again. I called his prayer line and gave my heart and life to Jesus all the way. 

I no longer cared if I was Lutheran or what - so long as I could KNOW I was saved. After that our family 
moved to a church that believed not only what the Lutheran's taught me, but they believed in healing, 
speaking in tongues, the gifts of the Spirit operating in this generation. 

That was 15 years ago, my husband and I are still married, and I have to say it is the Grace of God that we 
are. The Lord has used me to lead several other people to the Lord, and the testimony He has given me is 
this: JESUS SAVES not a certain denomination or church. Let Him assign you to the group of people He 
wants you to gather with and don't get caught up in doctrinal issues, 

He is our Saviour!!! And He knows who are His!! Halleluiah!!


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