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It Is Not Wrong To Wait


I grew up in the church but never really served God. Since I became a Christian, I have 
been serving God for almost six years now but what I really wanted to share is how God 
has just kept me pure. 

I have always desired a boyfriend and I am now 18 and have only had one. For someone
my age, that is almost like teen suicide but I want to honor God by keeping my temple 
pure and honor my future husband. I haven't kissed and I am still a virgin. I want to 
encourage teens to remain pure for Christ. 

Going around kissing and sleeping with others is equivalent to giving away your heart and 
by the time you meet and marry your future spouse, what will you have left to give him/her 
if you have already given everything else away? I encourage teens especially to just wait 
and serve God because being single really helps you to focus on God more. I am not 
saying it is easy because sometimes I get jealous or angry when everyone around me is 
dating but I would rather have one perfect "date" then seven zillion and not have 
anything to show for it. 

It is not wrong to wait, so don't ever give in to peer pressure. 

God Bless You


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