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God Is Faithful


God's word is so true!

To make a long story short, but not lacking the good parts, after
graduating from college and looking and applying for a teaching job, I
was a very disappointed that I didn't get hired right away. I knew I
would have to substitute, and I did not want to. I cried and was about
to turn away from teaching all together.

Thank God for the prayers of my friends and family, God changed my heart.
I heard Him say to me, "He who wants to be great must be servant of
all." So, I said, ok Lord, I'll substitute teach.

I started out in the school district as a substitute teacher aide, not
even a substitute teacher, but a substitute teacher's aide! I was
assigned lunch room duty and recess duty, not teaching at all. But, I
was glad to do it! That was the very first day I came in to sub and the
office just happened to be looking for a substitute teacher for the next
week. They knew I wanted to teach, so they called me in for a week of
sub. teaching!

I thought it was for 1st grade, but it turned out that when I got there
it was Special Ed. I dreaded and feared Special Ed! But, the Lord had
other plans. I did it for that week and I enjoyed it! After that, I was
called in for another week for a 1st grade teacher, and ended up staying
the week after that...and ended up staying for her maternity leave!
He is so good! Then she decided to stay home with her baby, so I had the
class for the rest of the year!

At the same time as all of this is going on, I just started a financial
budget. I began making $6.75 an hour as a sub. aide, and I'm saying,
Lord, I have college loans, how am I going to pay them making this? He
said, "Trust me in this. Give to me the first 10% and see if I will not
throw open the floodgates of heaven and throw out so much blessing on you
that you won't have enough room for it." So, I started tithing.

And it was so exciting to watch how He kept slowly increasing my pay,
giving me "back pay," increasing my pay, adding on insurance benefits,
etc...to the point where now He gave me a full time job next year in the
same school with a nice starting salary with benefits! Tell me God is
not faithful to His word!!

He is faithful and I hope this encourages some teacher out there who may
be looking for a job and wondering what in the world to do? I know God
works in different ways for different people, but He never changes and
neither does His word. Take Him at His word!! 

Pray the prayer of Jabez! (1 Chronicles 4:9-10)

God is answering!! God Bless!


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