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God Has Been Faithful


As a 7 yr. old and parents of Adventist missionaries, in Solomon Islands, 
I remember Gods 1st clear intervention of protection when swimming in a 
lagoon with an outlet to the sea at Kukundu Island. I experienced a sudden 
thought "Get out of the water!" I jumped out onto the land and walked over 
the bridge and a big shark came by to the place I was swimming.

As a 15 yr. old I was saved from electrocution when I was stuck to a pole 
which was alive, but nobody turned off the power. After this experience I 
did get some nervous disorders, fear of death and panic attacks finally 
ending in my totally handing over to God and commenced a career in Psychiatric
nursing, having such an experience in understanding how people suffer. Today I
am a nurse in a crisis team working in suicide prevention for the last 14 yrs.
I may have been used of God to save some lives, but having also been going 
through marriage breakup recently, I have been given more insight to the 
hurts of others.

I want to say that its been my experience that God is faithful and has helped
me and provided comfort through the dark times [which many of those times I 
brought on myself] as well as the marriage difficulties I suffered were not 
entirely my fault, but I want to encourage any reader to never give up hope 
because He does love us individually and will be there when we call on Him.

God bless you all.


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