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The Devil Tried To Kill Me, But Jesus Spared Me


DC AREA ON 9/24/01)

Hello. This afternoon, I was on driving on my way to Springfield (VA)
from work on 395 south (downtown). I normally don't drive, but had
to because I had an appointment & needed to drive in order to make it.

As I approached the King Street exit and was listening to Christian
radio, I noticed the clouds around where I was getting very dark,
the winds picked up, and the clouds were "circling." (for those
that don't live in the area, Alexandria, VA is a DC suburb past the Pentagon)

In a matter of seconds, I looked up and there was a tornado! I said
to myself "Oh, my God, a tornado." I heard at the same time I saw
it, that screeching test sound that we always hear when the radio
stations do the test from the emergency broadcast system was coming
over the radio. (You know what I'm talking about!)....ONLY THIS TIME,
IT KEPT GOING AND IT WAS REAL because the next voice I heard was
the guy saying that a tornado had touched Northern VA.

I had been in the middle lane, and tried to get over to the far
right because the tornado was actually on the expressway ON THE LEFT
SIDE! I managed to get over and parked the car. Many cars had either
slowed down or stopped. The announcer was saying (while this was
going on that if you're in a car, get to the nearest ditch and cover
your head). There were no ditches where I was! Only large high rise
apartments and some trees near the right side of the expressway.

Once I got over to the right side, I asked the Lord "Lord, what
do I do?" No sooner than I said that, the devil made a part
of a tree fall on my windshield TOTALLY DISABLING MY VIEW!! I couldn't
see anything for about 10 seconds (which we know in the natural plenty of
time for a tornado).

The windshield wiper eventually got the segment of the tree off
my vehicle. Then, the next crazy thing that the enemy tried to get
me to do was panic. He whispered in my ear "You know that these
trees are going to level you and your car. You need to get out and run in the

Even the weatherman knows that doing this can be fatal.

All of these events happened within a matter of about 3-4 minutes.
I finally asked the Lord to bless me as I was about to take the
King Street exit (I was maybe about 500-600 feet away from the exit).
Keep in mind, this isn't your average exit. It's on an UPWARD INCLINE....which
gives the devil more to work with. I'd have to almost go through
this tornado to get off the expressway.

But in my spirit, I had to do an Esther...'why sit here while ye
die?!' I couldn't allow the devil to kill me.

So, I took the car out of park, and attempted to drive. THE CAR WOULDN'T MOVE!

God got me off the expressway. I had to drive around all of Alexandria
because every major street there and 395 was in lockdown. Never
made it to my destination (I did call them once I got to a gas station
not near a high rise). Before driving (cause I didn't know where
I was going. I only knew that I couldn't go home, and I couldn't
go to Springfield-so I was stranded)...I thanked Him for keeping me :)

Again, all of this happened in a five minute time span.

Thank you for your patience in reading this. The devil kicked me
out 4 TIMES and three of those four (while typing this), I LOST EVERYTHING.

BUT HE'S A LIAR. Thanks be to God which causes US to triumph in
Jesus! God Bless You. This story is to HIS GLORY IN JESUS NAME.

Love, Jesus and Joan.


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