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God's Great Protection


I always try to remember before traveling in my car to ask for the 
Lords protection....

Well My son and I decided to go to a farm some distance away from home
to buy some meat.....we traveled a road until we came to a point where
we had to turn right...there were two cars in front of us...they set off
but the traffic lights suddenly turned red..so I had to stop. The first
vehicle turning right was hit by another car coming in the opposite 
direction.  The second car had to shoot off to the left to avoid the 
collision. The police were called by some-one...and I was in a witness 

They asked to question me...they wondered why I had stopped when I did..so
I said the traffic lights had turned red...and the policeman said what 
traffic lights...I looked round and there weren't any!

Ann Williams


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