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Indar Narace's Testimony


My name is INDAR NARACE. I live in the island of Trinidad, West Indies. 
I am a pastor of a Pentecostal Church. 

I belonged to a eastern religion, but I had no awareness of God. I never 
knew God was interested in me: a miserable, lonely, guilt-ridden sinner. 
I wanted to have an awareness of God but did not know where to turn. On 
Monday November 12, 1984 a young student at the University where I was 
studying for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering, shared
a word of Knowledge with a group of students in the classroom. He said three
things that related to me, the most convincing to me was "You are praying 
to God to show you the Way, and God says this is the Way". This blew my 
logical mind, for I never told anyone that I was praying this very thing. 
I was an intellectual, but God showed me that He is the Intellect. 

I realized that this is God and I gave Him my life that day. I was very lonely
from a broken-home childhood, but Jesus filled the void in my life. I had deep
guilt feelings about the things I did that were not right. Now I have the 
forgiveness of Christ. People take forgiveness for granted, but this is the 
greatest gift that a guilt-ridden person can receive. 

I now know that God is interested in me and has called me for a purpose; that 
is to share His love with others and help others to receive the blessings that 
He has bestowed upon me. I live for one purpose only, and that is to please God 
and to serve Him. I fail at times, but He is always there to pick me up and 
get me going again. 

Thank you for reading my testimony.

Pastor Indar Narace.


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