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Laurie Strickland's Testimony


I am Laurie's mom and wanted to give her testimony. My daughter is 13 now. She 
was born a premature twin and only weighed 2 pounds when she was born. Her twin
brother only lived six months and died. We were told that Laurie probably wouldn't
live past the age of five, if she lived that long. 

Laurie has chronic lung disease, cerebral palsy and has some brain damage. For the 
first five years of her life, she stayed in and out of the hospital with pneumonia.
Every time she went in, we knew there was a chance, she wouldn't make it. Laurie 
had to be on oxygen everywhere she went and had to be on a heart monitor at home. 
Her lungs were very damaged and when she breathed, you could hear her gasping for 
air all over a building. The doctors explained that the way she breathed, would be
if an adult was breathing through a straw. 

When she was just a baby, at church one day, God showed me with my natural eyes, 
Jesus sitting beside me at church and He reached over to Laurie and laid His hands
on her and then He was gone. Since the age of three years old, Laurie has been 
saved and loves the Lord with all her heart.

She has a very sweet nature to her, and God has given her the talent to sing. And 
that is what she wants to do with her life is sing for the Lord. For her to have 
allot of damage to her lungs, and still can't do some things that normal children 
can do. God gives her the breathe to sing, I can't explain it but she does it. She
pushes herself hard to do things that other children take for granted. The specialist
says that medicine won't help her anymore, now its up to God.

I watch her allot and she teaches me things. One thing she likes to do is go to the 
garden to be alone with the Lord. She likes to bring Him flowers and tells Jesus that
they are for Him. God has opened her eyes to the point that she sees angels. To her 
this is just natural, she knows no difference.

She blesses me sometimes, cause she likes to give to charities like Feed the Children.
She saves her money till she has enough and then she sends to them. She is always 
saving her money to give to someone. Another thing that she does, is there is a very 
old man who lives near the bus stop where we live. He has trouble walking and every 
morning as she goes to the bus stop. She stops and picks up his paper and puts it on 
his porch, so that he won't have to walk very far to get it. He doesn't even know who
does this and maybe never will, but God sees it. These are some of the things that 
she likes to do for people.

I wanted to share her testimony cause I'm proud of her.



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