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An Easter Miracle


I want to share a very special miracle. His name is CJ, and he is my last 
born son of 3 sons. CJ was born on March 16th, 2000. CJ was home for less 
than 2 weeks, when we started seeing unusual things happen. CJ kept turning 
red and blue. His breathing was very raspy, and he stopped eating 
completely. I brought CJ to the hospital after the 3rd time of watching him 
turn blue and stop breathing. The doctors diagnosed him with a virus called 
RSV. It is a respiratory virus. To us it is bronchitis, to a baby is it is 
very life threatening.. CJ was admitted. Over the next 5 days of being on 
the pediatrics floor, CJ worsened. A doctor on call said the 5th day of 
being there, he could go home that evening. His own doctor came to see him 
right before discharge papers were going to be given. She said, " No, this 
child is getting worse, we need to move him to the pediatrics intensive care 
unit now, tonight, his right lung is collapsed!" That is what they did too. 

At about 6am, my son took his last breath on his own... Thanks to the quick 
reaction from his nurse to hook up life support, he only passed on for 3 
minutes. They revived him, and put him on a life support machine. He 
remained fighting for his life on that machine for the next 6 weeks with 
only 1 lung working. My mother has a friend here on the internet on the 
Christian chat channel. Her friend had never met me or my son, but had a 
vision of Jesus holding my son. She said that Jesus was talking to him and 
then he smiled and lowered my son back to me. At the same time she had this 
vision, my dad was kneeling down and praying in the hospital rectory. My dad 
briefly opened his eyes and looked up, he saw the vase of flowers on top of 
the fathers' table move just a little. This lady saw the vision of my dad 
doing so right after she saw the vision of Jesus and my son CJ. I had people 
all over the world praying for my little boy, including everyone at Gods 
work ministry. 

One day, I was in the hospital cafeteria. I was tired, so I put my head 
down. I was startled by a voice, our father in heaven was speaking to me. He 
said to me, "Be still and be strong", and then He said that my son will 
start to heal on Good Friday, and then he will take a MIRACULOUS TURNAROUND 
on EASTER SUNDAY. I told my husband when he showed up to the hospital after 
work that day about it.. He said that was strange, because he got the same 
message from God too. So I eagerly waited and then came Good Friday. CJ 
started to try breathing OVER the machine. They turned the respirator down 
so that CJ could try to breathe more. As the time went by, he got stronger. 

THIS IS THE MIRACLE!!! CJ was off the life support on EASTER SUNDAY! They 
tested my son that night, the RSV was gone!!! All gone!!! He was 
recovered!! His right lung recovered a few months later, and now he is at 
100% recovery. That is my miracle! Thank you for praying for him, I thank 
God every day for saving my son. I am glad that Jesus is with us today and 

God Bless You and thank you again, 
the power of prayer saved my sons' life :-) 
I am forever grateful to all who took part in it. 

Nancy Stutzman ~mother of baby CJ Stutzman 


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