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Praise The Lord


My name is `Thomas Mathew’. I am a married man with two daughters named 
`Glory’ and Steffy aged 12 years and 9 years respectively. Alice Thomas is 
my wife’s name. We both are born and brought up by `God fearing parents’. 
Our marriage took place in the year 1983 at Kerala and I am now working with 
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., as Personnel Secretary to Chief Materials 
Manager at Rajkot in Gujarat State. God has tremendously helped me in all my 
ways of difficulties. 

When I was crawling at 8 months old, I crawled down of my step without the 
notice of my parents and I fell down into the deep water that has flooded 
at my residence. The water was shaking at the spot where I fall down. My 
grandma thought that some coconuts might have fallen on the water so she 
jumped on to the water and then only she noticed that I had fallen into 
the water and drag me out of two-mans deep water. `Praise the Lord’ God has 
protected me from the clutches of death at the age of 8 months. 

Then there are a lot of things in my life that God has astonishingly done to 
protect me from the clutches of death. I have been affected by Chickenpox, 
Headache, Malaria, Severe Temperature etc. etc. I was affected by 
Jaundice twice in my life. 

I was saved from the clutches of deadly snakes, named Viper, King Cobra etc. 
We are living by the side of our Paddy field. One day my mummy took the 
pillows for drying. Before night she brought it in and given it to us for 
keeping it on the bed. After 2 days, a bad smell was emerging out of the 
pillow. My mummy scolded me and took the pillow for washing. When she 
removed the pillow cover for washing, a dried skeleton of a Viper Snake has 
fallen from the pillow cover. `Thanks to God’ he has protected me from the 
clutches of death. Days have passed and in another day when I noticed a 
snake `King Cobra' crossing my path, I boldly faced it with an axe. I 
blow it with an axe and cut it’s head. It could have done anything to me 
but my God saved me from the clutches of death. 

Then while I was studying for Ist Pre-Degree, during the study leave 
period, I was laying on the bed and reading my study material for 
appearing for Annual Examinations, suddenly the atmosphere has changed and 
heavy raining started. Suddenly a blast with thunderous sound heard at 
the corner of my room where I was laying. I could see the sparkles are 
flying across the room. The atmosphere is filled with a smell of potassium. 
Actually what has happened is that a lightning has struck at the corner of 
my room and 32 roof tiles have broken into pieces. But my God has saved me 
from the clutches of death. 

After that I graduated in Commerce and left the State of Kerala and came to 
Gujarat in search of a job. I am thankful to God as he has given me a good 
job in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., at Gujarat in India. In the year 1991 
there was a prophecy to me that God is going to do a miracle in my life 
within 1 year and going to blow you out within 6 months. But he cares for 
me even when I am not perfectly obeying his ways. The prayer in my life 
was zero. After coming from the office, my better-half gave me the tea to 
drink. While I was sipping the tea. I became unconscious and fallen down. 
Suddenly my wife and neighbors took me to Hospital where the Doctors could
not diagnose my disease. My body up to neck is normal but my head is not working
properly. I was semi-conscious. 

They took me to Ahmedabad which is about 200 kms away from this city and 
investigation has started. They could diagnose that a small growth was in my 
brain and it has to be removed. Then they brought me here and then they took me
to Bombay Hospital, Mumbai and admitted there. For three months I was at 
Bombay Hospital, Mumbai. All my Church Members started praying to God with 
and without fasting for my deliverance. My temperature was not coming down. 
So the Doctors patiently waited for my temperature to settle down. 

At last my temperature has come down a little and then the operation has been 
carried out. The Doctors have diagnosed my disease as `3rd Ventricular Sol’. 
A tube has to be inserted from the brain to the stomach to drain out the puss 
directly to the abdomen. At the starting it was once in three months checking 
and it has been increased to once in 6 months checking and again it has been 
increased to once in a year and then to once in two years and then lastly I had 
visited Mumbai Hospital, Mumbai in the year 1998. 

Now almost 5/6 years are passing but still I am energetic to pursue all my official
duties and manage all my personal works. I am working under Chief Materials 
Manager of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd at Rajkot. Now I am quiet O.K. doing 
all my duties and satisfying my superiors. 

This is God’s grace and he is helping me to overcome all my difficulties. 
We, my wife – Alice Thomas, Daughters – Glory Thomas Kakkunnil aged 12 
years, and Steffy Thomas Kakkunnil aged 8 years are all believers and staying 
at Rajkot and congregation is at `The Pentecostal Church of God’, Rajkot. 

These are the ways that God is leading me in our daily life. I am fully 
thankful to him for the grace he has showed on me and to my better half and 
to my kids. 

`Praise the Lord’ 

Yours in Jesus Christ 

Thomas Mathew


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