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Barb's Testimony


Hello, My name is Barb, I'm 30 and live in Reno, Nevada. I'd like to share what the Lord has done
in my life so maybe it will bless some of you. That is my prayer.

I was born again when I was 9 years old, although, it wasn't until 3 years ago that I really was able to 
give my complete heart and life to the Lord. Now, He is first in my life and I live only for Him.

When I was 22, I moved from Southern California to Reno, Nevada. I was horribly backslidden and 
it was during this time I met my future husband, James. Even in my backslidden state, the Lord allowed
me to tell James the good news and he was (thankfully) saved by Jesus. We never really lived as 
Christians or as our Father would want us to live. We were "in the world" and in 1995 I got a job with
the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP). The academy was of the live-in type, and I had to live there for 6
months. James and I had gotten married on March 5, 1994, and we talked extensively about me taking
the trooper job before I did. 

Needless to say, the academy turned out to be hard on my marriage as I was the only female in a 25 cadet 
class. The guys treated me like one of their own, so I never had any problems with sexual harassment, etc.
Matter of fact, I started going out with about five of my best academy friends and we'd drink and party 
(something I'm ashamed to think of now).

I was sent to Las Vegas after graduation, and it was tough. My marriage was still horribly strained and we 
were both backslidden so I didn't even think of going to the Lord with my problems. Drinking became a 
regular thing, mostly because seeing all the death due to car accidents I had to work. I never even imagined 
death that way. As it turns out, I, after quite a long time, became ill and it turned out to be ulcers. We didn't
find out that I had ulcers until late 1999 when I was hospitalized for anemia.

One night, in 1999, I wasn't feeling well and I was sitting in a hot bath hoping it would help. All of a sudden 
I felt what I thought was a hand hit me on my head. Without thinking I sat up and said, "NO GOD!" I knew 
He wanted me back. I didn't want to come back and live that 'holy' life. After about three months of mentally
wrestling with my precious Lord, I came back into His arms and He held me like I never left. 

I found out I had ulcers when one morning, one of them perforated on me. I had to have emergency surgery 
and was in the hospital for a while. The docs then found another, bigger ulcer so the next month (April) I had 
to have half of my stomach removed. All this time, I was growing ever closer to God. He was always there 
with me in the hospital, and I have literally lost count how many times I have been in the hospital. When I feel
good enough, I walk to the chapel and get on my knees before my King. 

The last time I got out of the hospital was about 3 weeks ago, and that was due to even more complications from
the ulcers and pneumonia. In the last two years, I have gone from 140 lbs working out all the time to 77 lbs barely
able to move. My faith, however, sure has been renewed and now, I have NO DOUBTS about my God and 
where I'll go when He calls me home. In the hospital and when I'd get out and go home, miracles happened that 
sometimes I even have trouble believing these days, but I know they happened. My prayers are answered so 
much and God is so wonderful to me, although I am so undeserving. The strange thing is this: I would not trade 
one moment of the last three years, even the pain, and emotional turmoil, the trauma, and the fear as it was the last
three years that gave me the time and ability to get to really KNOW my LORD in a way I never had a chance to 
before. I can tell you that if you make Him first in you life, everything else will fall into place. While I am still 
struggling with the pain and hospital allot, I can't help but think of what God told Paul when Paul asked if the Lord
would remove the thorn he was dealing with. God said to him, "My grace is sufficient for thee." That's all I need 
to know for He is with me and He promised that He will never leave me nor forsake me. 

Another reason I think He "knocked me on my butt" so to speak is the fact that I have access to a computer and 
can keep my family up to date on the end time prophecies being fulfilled. We are to be ever watchful and vigilant.
He is always first and foremost on my mind and He lets me know what is relevant to the end times and what is not. 

I never knew a relationship with the Creator of all things like this existed. It is wonderful and I hope you all maybe 
have learned at least something from this. Make Him first and He will direct all other things in your life. He loves 
you and is always waiting for you with open arms as He doesn't want His kids in pain, or to suffer. He will never 
lead you where He cannot keep you!

May the Lord bless you all and if you ever want to talk I'm at aspiritof76@hotmail.com
(Barb is my name and I'm here for you).

God bless!

"He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of 
my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him" ~My Lord, Jesus Christ: John 14:21


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