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The Lord Always Provides


Many years ago I lived with my parents on a farm in a small town, this was the time Escom just bringing
electricity to your valley, Normally on Friday's the workers would get their salary's and some maize meal
and groceries. Unfortunately there wasn't always the financial wealth, but the best part is yet to come. 

My father as a very strong Christian never had a worry about it, sometimes my mom will ask: "Father it is
Thursday evening 8:00 and yet you will not have enough money to pay all the workers, neither pay for their
groceries" and he will reply: "Mother the Lord has always provided and again He will provide" (very calmly);
as a human being my mom always the skeptical one replied: "Well ok, just as you say, but I really hope 
something will happen and soon!" Going to bed but not always satisfied with the answer my dad gave her, 
she sometimes would grab a book, bite some nails and read a long time before attempting to take the 
Bible and do her silent time. 

Somewhere close to midnight sometimes early morning, some people would come around and ask weather 
my dad has a cow, or sheep, he could sell them because they have a funeral, or a wedding party going on 
and no farmer for kilometers wants to help them because of some reason or another.  Praise the Lord. This 
didn't happen once but a few times I know of. Normally it was not just enough for what we needed, but 
usually more than what we needed.

Again some 2 weeks ago, people watching cars at Klerksdorp City Mall, they were told that Boom Gates is 
going to be rigged up and they will not have work anymore. The poor lady watching my car told me this, and 
I told the whole testimony to her, and telling her why doesn't she make it a matter of prayer, because the 
Lord provides for the smallest bird, why will He not provide to you; He says that even if you have faith as 
big as a mustard seed He will provide in your weakness. 

And as I drove off I started praying and I also made it a part of all my prayers that week. On Monday I went
to the mall again and the old lady, came to me thanking me and said she didn't think it will happen but "Whala"!
A miracle has happened and they got their jobs back, as well as the Booms. I told her that through faith a lot 
is possible, all you have to do is to cast your burdens to the Lord He will take care of them all. It works for me!

Thanking you,

Pieta Dreyer


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