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I Almost Died In Sin


About Seven years ago, I had lost my job with the Government, ran out of Unemployment 
Compensation and ended up on Welfare. During this time I had to begin to work for my 
check (while on Welfare). I ended up cleaning parks for my check. I became very 
depressed and attempted to end my life. 

Before I left home that morning, I had already decided I would take an overdose of pills. So,
when I got to the park (and I got there before anyone else) I sat down at one of the park tables
and started taking the pills. Well, needless to say the next thing I knew I was in the hospital. 
Evidently, they had pumped my stomach (the tubes were still in my nose). As I was coming to 
my senses, I heard a doctor say, "no I'm not putting her in there". And then a doctor came to 
take the tubes out. 

Then, I was taken to one of the wards where an attendant sat by my bed and watched over me. 
She had to stay with me through the night, even when I had to use the bathroom. I was then
moved to a room right in front of the nurses station (where they could watch me). At first I really
didn't like it. I just wanted to be alone. Guess what happened next. 

There was a lady in the room with me (a patient). She had a lot of visitors. And one of them was 
a cousin of mine, whom I had not seen for years. I got to know my roommate. She had Aids, she 
was blind. She also had a lot of family, but they could not be there with her all of the time. So-o, 
it ended up being me who attended to her needs. Nurses were not always available either. They 
were very short handed. (God is so awesome.) I had to take her to the bathroom, help her in and 
out of bed and so on. 

Well, it was time for me to be released from the hospital. So, I went home, but I was compelled to 
go back to the hospital to see how she was doing. When I got there she was sitting in a chair with 
the sheet over her entire body and crying. I really didn't know what to do, so I just helped her get 
washed, put her to bed and asked her if she wanted me to read her something from the Bible (it
was a children's Bible someone had left her) and she said yes. I then asked her if she was ready 
to sleep and she said yes. 

I left the hospital and later called my cousin. He got in touch with this woman's daughter and they 
were able to put her into a nursing home - right next door to the hospital - where she would get the 
care she needed. 

Since then, I gave my life to Christ and Father God has used me, yes me to reach other hurting people. 

What if I had died in my sin? 

What about you?


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