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The Sparrow


Driving home from work one day, God called me to do something. The urgency and reality of 
it was so overwhelming; I acted upon it as soon as I arrived home. I was led to call someone 
I didn't know very well and seek answers to some questions that had been haunting me for 
awhile. Although phoning this person was uncomfortable, I was obedient and called and was
graciously invited to come right over. The visit was uplifting and I felt such peace after finally 
having some questions answered. This person knew the answers and God led me right to her.
That, in itself, was quite inspiring! 

The next morning, I was driving my son to school. Using neighborhood shortcuts always saved 
me time. (My confession here is that I didn't always adhere to the 25 mph speed limit.) Driving 
down one of the longer streets, a sparrow suddenly dropped down in front of my car and 
proceeded to leisurely fly as if it was leading me in a parade! My son and I were amazed as this
bird kept in his spot and didn't fly off. 

This actually went on for quite awhile as two other cars came up behind me and had to slow down.
(I don't think they adhered to 25 mph on a regular basis either!) My son and I laughed and laughed
at this feathered little fellow as I drove about 20 mph so I wouldn't hit him. I commented that God 
must be sending me a little miracle to thank me for obeying Him the day before. My son's hand 
went up and pointed to a parked car up ahead. He said: "Mom, I know why God sent the bird -- 
there's a police car!" Sure enough, a police officer with radar gun in hand was parked and waiting.
As soon as we (slowly) passed the police car, the sparrow turned sharply to the right and was gone. 

The following Sunday, a member of our choir sang a beautiful solo to the congregation. She sang 
"His Eye Is On the Sparrow." I cried many tears of joy in having God in my life. He and I had a 
great time together earlier in the week. It is a memory I treasure and enjoy sharing with others. 
During those times I'm down or feeling that God's far away, I have that precious memory to fall
back on to remind me that He's always with me. 

His eye is on sparrow and I know He's watching me and you! Amen! 

In God's Love, 
Debbi in VA


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