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On these pages, we'd like to share with you the testimonies that our readers have shared with us; stories of struggle and triumph and the love of our Lord.  All share one thing in common:  people have come to Jesus Christ and have found the love that He offers all of us, completely and unconditionally.  Please enjoy these testimonies as people share their relationships with the Lord with you.


We hope you will be blessed by these testimonies.


I Can't Live Without The Lord
God Will Never Leave Our Side
Paula's Testimony
What A Miracle
Joanieann's Testimony
The Sparrow
The Word of My Testimony
Jesus Saves Alcoholic Uncle
It Did Happen To Us
The Lightning Storm
Sam Bilbo's Testimony
Trust In The Lord
Suzy's Testimony
He Came To Me In The Night
Praise God
When Our Boat Sank
Everride's Testimony
He Will Work It Out
Brain Tumor
Beverly Ann's Testimony
God Answers Prayer
How God Lifted My Depression
Breast Cancer! Oh No!
Lesson Learned From My Dad
Family Testimony
I'm An Overcomer
It Just Clicked
Lost My Daughter
Carrie's Testimony
Melody's Testimony
The Lord God I Love
Cast Your Cares Upon Him
My Life, Death & LIFE
Angels In The Room
Confessions of A Teenage Satanist
My Testimony of Grace
A Prisoner Freed At Last
He Wanted Me
From Darkness To The Light
The New Car
God Healed Me From Epilepsy
With or Without God
From Darkness To Light
Vickie's Way To A New Life
God's Grace And Mercy
Jesus Is The Faithful Provider
My Struggle With Pornography
Delivered Through Prayer
Nothing Is Impossible With God