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How God Lifted My Depression


It still totally amazes me how I could go from deep, dark depression 
to this utterly lightness of being! I am so happy now, my friends 
and co-workers are amazed by the difference, and believe me, I tell 
everyone the reason is God!

I had been in a deep depression caused by stress and family problems 
(divorce, trying to raise two boys alone, financial problems.) After 
one son got into law trouble and the other in-house suspended at 
school, I realized that all my problems could be traced back to when 
I left God's path. 

He never left me though, in fact He has been working on me for about 
25 years!! Putting Christians in my path, TV shows that spoke to me, 
you name it, He did it. My dad started going to church a few years ago 
and through his persistence, I had attended with him and got to know 
his pastor. 

The day I had my revelation, I called the pastor and talked with him 
then took my teenage sons to him so he could explain salvation to them. 
I did not raise them in the church and begged their forgiveness for 
that, among other things. About two days later I dropped to my knees 
and asked God back into my life and it was just like someone had turned 
on the lights in a dark room! The darkness of my depression was GONE! 
I walked around for 3 days just saying "Thank You, Lord!" 

Since then, I joined my dad's church (he's a Deacon, now!!) and one son 
is very involved with the Youth group and has been saved. My other son 
is in a state youth facility and through a prison ministry (praise God 
for all prison ministries, pray for them!) has also been saved!

Since my rededication, my sister and niece rededicated, and 2 nephews 
have been saved. Now, we are all praying for my mom, another sister, 
her children and my brother-in-law. 

Thank You, my Lord, for saving me, for Your Gift to each of us, and for
Your Son, that we might spend eternity with You. 

Amen and Hallelujah!!!


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