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Cast Your Cares Upon Him


I came to know the Lord when I was 12. It was at a Christian camp in NH, and I won't ever 
forget it, or the man who led me to the Lord. He was a wonderful man, he really got through 
to me. I come from a home with 2 loving parents, and a great brother. I had a happy childhood,
thank God! 

The Holy Spirit called me that week. Even at a young age I knew I had a purpose, and I realized 
then, that I would only get there with Jesus. I struggled through high school with a bad attitude, 
and fought a lot with my Dad. I feel bad for that now, because looking back, he was very patient 
and loving with me. I think God is like that. It's in our nature to be rebellious, but no matter what 
I said or did, my Dad loved me anyway. God loves me even when I don't act like I love Him. He 
can forgive when you think you can't be forgiven, and lead you when you think you can't be led. 
Just be willing. 

I graduated high school and joined the Army. I left 2 days after I graduated, and I then realized 
what trusting the Lord was all about. Basic training is no joke. I cried every night, I wanted to go 
home so bad, my heart broke when I left home. But the Lord wouldn't let me go, praise God for 
that. He brought me through that most difficult time, strengthening my body, mind and soul. 

When my training ended I went to my first duty station; in Germany! I didn't think I could do it. 
That was my mistake, I couldn't do it on my own and I relied on me when I left. You think I would
have learned! Arriving in a foreign country thousands of miles away from my family brought a 
heartache I never knew could exist. I started to drink a lot, and became very depressed. I soon 
met the man of my dreams, and wouldn't you know it, he loved the Lord too. We stuck together,
both broken and tired from training and leaving our families, and quickly fell in love. 

We were deployed twice in 6 months together. Those were rough times too, my comfort zone was 
constantly being ripped away from my clinging fingers, but I know the Lord was teaching me to rely
on Him, not myself or surroundings. My love and I were married 9 months after we met. When we 
got out of the Army, we moved home with my parents for a short while, until we got our own place,
and set out to find our place in this world. 

I struggled to find a steady job, while my husband worked in sales. We knew there had to be more.
Financially we were a mess too. The Lord led us to move out of state, and my husband went to the 
city's Police Academy. Looking back, we really don't know the course of events that led us here, 
but it wasn't our doing. And here we are, he recently graduated, and I am planning on going to school.
We have a nice apartment, two well running cars, good jobs, and starting to save money. 

Our blessings go much further than that. Just knowing that God is moving in our lives and providing 
for us is enough, and God gives us so much more!! All we have we owe to Him, including our 
salvation. All we have on earth is peanuts compared to someday dwelling with Him FOREVER!!! 

Thank you Jesus for loving us so much!!! He healed my heart, He can heal yours too, just ask. Cast 
all your cares upon Him. He won't let you go once you do. He loves you too much.


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