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A Prisoner Freed At Last


My name is Gina and I'd like to share a little bit of my life with you today. I hope it gives you hope. If God 
can save a wretch like me...He can save anybody. As a young child I was physically, emotionally and 
sexually abused by my Father. Due to financial reasons my Mother allowed my Father to stay in the home.
She put a lock on my door and that's how I grew up....behind a locked door. But when this happened the
door of my heart I also locked. I was unable to allow anyone close to me... and I still struggle with that today. 

When I became a teenager I grew more and more rebellious. At age 13 I began drinking and using drugs. I 
was also very promiscuous.....trying desperately to find the love. All I wanted was for someone to love me.
This was to continue for many years. I married first someone I didn't love...just to get away.....then another
man...who nearly beat me to death and destroyed what little esteem I had left. I had children....they 
suffered as well. 

To make a long story short. This kind of living almost killed me many times. I should have died out there but I
didn't. I began shooting up dope. I've had a needle in every vein in my body.... and I've got the scars to prove 
it . I started cooking dope....selling poison to others and destroying there lives also. 

I couldn't keep a job......I was a lousy Mother putting drinking and drugging before my children. I missed 
birthdays, holidays, school programs and other life events so important to children. I failed miserably at 
everything I did. I would cry and scream and curse God because my veins were collapsed and I couldn't 
shoot dope. I would stick myself 10, 20, 30, however many times it took...all the time screaming at God 
and cursing Him. I would stand before the mirror and look at myself....blood running down my arms....from
my neck, my ankles, and all the other places I had tried to inject the poison into my body. 

God did indeed hear my cries because He did what had to be done to save my life. I went to jail. And then to 
prison. I had had many problems with the law. Had been in too many jails to count. I was given chance after 
chance to get my life together. But I was in the grips of Satans most powerful tool......drugs.....and I could not 
get free. I wanted so desperately to get free. I made attempts to stop but I could not. Then I was busted and 
thrown in jail for Mfg. Meth. A three time loser..... I was looking at 20 to life. But God brought me out. The 
jail I went to was staffed by the most beautiful Christian people!!!! The Sheriff gave me a Bible. The deputies 
spent time with me telling me of Gods Love. I had no TV. Only an old radio. The only station it would pick 
up was a Christian Radio Station. I listened to Charles Stanley, James Kennedy, June Hunt just to name a 
few. I read the entire Bible. I cried. I prayed. I spent about 45 days in that cell alone. Or was I??? It was 
the best time I've ever spent.... 

I still went to Prison. The Judge...he asked me if I wanted help....and he sent me to long term treatment....where
I spent 14 months learning about myself and building a relationship with God. 

I've been out almost two years now.....I've had steady employment....I've received two promotions at work and 
am now the Assistant Manager. I enrolled in College and have completed one year...Next Spring I will graduate 
and then I plan to go on to earn a Bachelors in Psychology. My grades are excellent. My family/children and I
enjoy a good relationship....My life has been not only restored but blessed beyond my wildest dreams. For the 
first time in my life I am independent.. 

Yes.....God has been very good to me....And I stand in Awe of Him. And now. It is my strongest desire to serve Him... 

In His Love,
Gina Luetjen


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