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The New Car



In October of 1997 my car, which was 10 years old and had been mine for 4 of
those years, died. I'd had the engine rebuilt less than a year before, and
had spent all my savings fixing all the problems old cars seem to need fixed.
I had thought that the car would last, at least another five years, but that
was not meant to be.

I started a new job in August of 1997 as a bus driver for the disabled and
had just moved in with some friends. The day my car died was the day after I
had fallen down the bus steps shattering a disc in my lower back putting me 
out of work and on Worker's Compensation.

I had no cash in my pocket, no checking account or money in savings. I also
had no credit because I paid cash for everything. I believed if I did not
have the money to pay for it I did not need it. The only credit card I owned
was a J C Penney's card I'd had for years and had only used twice to
establish minor credit. All of this meant that there was no way I was going
to be able to afford to buy a car, and I was told so by everyone.

But God told me otherwise! After praying about the problem, God gave me
specific directions with Proverbs 3: 5 & 6: "Trust in the Lord with all your
heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge
Him, and He will make your paths straight" (NIV).

I was first directed to open a checking account with my final full paycheck
from the bus company. The second direction was to start looking for a NEW
car. When I protested saying "God, are You kidding me? You want me to look
for a new car? How am I suppose to pay for a new car on what I am going to be
making"? God answered me with Matthew 6: 8: "Do not be like them, for your
Father knows what you need before you ask Him" (NIV). So I did as I was told
to do, trusting Him.

I spent two weeks looking at, and test driving, new cars. I found several
that I liked, especially a fire red Dodge Neon, which happened to be the very
first car I drove. I tried again and again to find a dealership that would
finance the amount needed at a rate of payment that I could afford. Again and
again I was laughed at and told "no way"!

I went again in prayer to the Lord, saying "Ok, God, if You want me to have a
new car, You are going to have to provide it for me". I had decided on that
brand new 1998 Fire Red Dodge Neon that had all the extras I wanted, and they
wanted far more than the amount I would be able to pay. God answered with
James 1: 4: "Perseverance must finish it's work so that you may be mature and
complete, not lacking anything" (NIV). I understood this to mean that I still
had a lot of work to do before that car was mine.

I was then told to go to the bank, where I had just opened a checking
account, and find out how much they would loan me for a new car. I did this
on Saturday morning, and was informed that, since it was a weekend, they
would not know anything until Monday, and to call back then. I was also told
to keep looking at new cars.

Monday morning came and I called the bank. I was asked to come in to talk to
the bank manager. She told me that the main branch had turned down my loan
saying I had no credit. She then asked me if I had ANY type of credit at all.
I had just moved, so I happened to have in my purse the credit reference
letters from the electric, gas and phone companies. I also told her of my J C
Penney credit card but explained that I only used it twice in all the years
I'd had it. She took them and told me to come back after lunch to see her.

When I did, she told me that, as that bank's branch manager, she would
override the parent company's loan veto and would grant me a loan for $12,000
but that would have to be for a new car loan, not a used car. If I could find
one for that price, with tax and title included, we could do business. I went
home broken hearted because the car of my choice was far more than that
amount. As I was praying and seeking the Lord again, I was given the verse
Job 35: 14, "How much less, then, will He listen when you say that you do not
see Him, that your case is before Him and you must wait for Him". (NIV) So, I

That evening I got a call. It was from the salesman of the Neon dealership.
He asked if I had managed to get a loan, and was amazed when told that I had
been able to get one. He asked how much the loan was for, and laughed when I
told him. He said he was sorry but he could not let the car go for that
amount. I told him thanks for calling and hung up.

A half hour later, I got another call from him. He asked if I could come up
with any cash for a down payment. I told him he did not understand, I had
$12,000, and that I had to have a car for that amount with tax and title, out
the door. He again said he was sorry and we hung up.

An hour later, the phone rang again. It was the salesman again. He said he
had talked to the owner of the company and had told him my story. He also
said that the owner had decided that the car I wanted was now mine for the
price I wanted to pay!

The lesson I learned from all this is that if I am willing to pray, seeking
the Lord's directions (Proverbs 3: 5 and 6), trusting in Him (Matthew 6:8),
persevere in following His directions for me (James 1: 4), and wait on Him
(Job 35: 14), not only would He supply my needs, but He would also give me my



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