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Vickie's Way To A New Life


How do you put a life's journey on two pages to show how God has worked in my life? Here goes... 

From the time I was born, I believe God had me under His care. He has sent me so many angels to 
take care of me. I resisted for a time but have come full circle and enjoy the hope of salvation that 
God has given to me. 

I was born in a modest polish Catholic family. My father was a pillar of strength and totally faithful to 
the Catholic church. Something I did not always see until he died 3 months ago. My mother sent us 
to Catholic schools, never missed a church service and always had us pray the rosary every afternoon,
prayers at meal times and bed. My brother was to be a priest and at age 13 was sent to a seminary 
for 2 years, but missed home so much that he came back and went to college, married and had 2 
kids. He was an outstanding Catholic citizen and then his wife died of cancer at age 49, 3 years ago 
and then 6 weeks after she died, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was paralyzed and 
suffered for 14 months until he died. 

My closet friend was my brother-in-law (married to my husbands twin sister) and we would talk about 
life, church, kids, etc. and then at age 40 he died on Christmas Day of a brain tumor. During this 5 year
period, I also lost 4 cousins and 5 aunts and uncles to cancer and heart disease. During the years prior 
to this time period, I raised 3 children (one diagnosed as a manic depressive), a husband who loved me,
but was never home to help me, and family that was not supportive of what I was dealing with. 

As a child, I only saw the Catholic faith and lived by the rules that God will save us if we go to church, 
confession, communion, and work hard and follow the 10 Commandments. As a teenager, I rebelled 
against it, took drugs, left home repeatedly, and gave my strict Catholic parents a real hard time. I saw 
different faiths during that time, such as Buddhists, Lutherans, Christian free spirits, etc. and was very 
unsure of my Catholic upbringing. When my family started to fall apart, I left the church and did not 
go back for about 10 years. 

During all these time periods of my life, angels have been there. Always reminding me of Gods gifts to 
us, always helping me in desperate situations, always tugging at my conscience to look to God for all 
my needs and ask Him into my life. I fought it off, I ignored it, I rejected it. How could it be that simple.
How would God forgive me for all my errors in life? How would I ever make up for lost time away 
from the church? Would God give me another chance? 

Well to make a long story short, during the time that my brother was dying, he strayed from the Catholic
church because they were not supporting him. He did so much for the church, but when it came time for
his wife to get help and love and himself as he lay dying, to get help and love from the church, they were 
not there for him. He searched a Christian non-denominational church and became a member and so 
did I. We were both born again in that small church. 

At the time I thought it was the church, but it was God tugging at us again. My brother died and I felt 
uncomfortable at the church where we were going and my husband was still a Catholic, so I decided to 
go back to the Catholic faith. When God came into my life, it was like a light bulb went on in my head. 
He gave me answers to my life long questions in an instant. It was something, I felt deep in my soul. 
Like a rush of wind going right through you. I started to read the Bible and God pointed out many 
things to me. He helped me not to be scared of dying. Not to be scared of living in this world full of hate. 

I have been alive for 3 years now. I do not remember how I survived without Him in my life. Yes, I have
more trials today, but He is always keeping me calm and helping me get through. My husband and I are 
very close now as well as our kids. We are a family again. And I know I will see all my brothers and 
sisters in heaven when He comes again. 

So that is my story and I hope others will be revived by reading it. God's peace to all and many Blessings too. 



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