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It all begins when I was a teenager. I knew right from wrong. I was brought up in 
a Christian home. My best friend was a preacher's daughter. We always did things 
we should not do. We would drink, smoke, say words we shouldn't say. I would 
fell so guilty after I got home, and God's spirit would deal with me.

I would ask God to forgive me, but it was all in vain. When I was 19, I was dating 
my very best friend. I could tell him anything. After we started dating we had sex. 
I ended up pregnant. I thought I was going to die. I told him, he said everything 
would be fine. So, I know I had to tell my mama. I know it was going to hurt her 
so much. And it did. She was so angry with me.

Me and the boy had talked about getting married. He was on drugs at the time, and 
decided that his good times were more special to him then me or the baby. During 
this time I was filled with so much hurt. How could someone I love so much and 
trusted do this to me? I was so lost in sin, I had no peace.

I woke up one morning and gave it all to Christ. It was hard going to a small country 
church were everyone knew me since I was born. When I was 12, I gave my life to 
Christ. I thought. I must say if I didn't put my trust in God, and didn't pray, I could 
not have went. I finally realized what true peace felt like.

I had a little girl at the age of 20, I named her FAITH Because if you have faith 
in God He will pull you through anything. The boy saw her for the first time when 
she was a month old. We are married today and have another child, a little boy.

It was not easy at first but God has been there. My husband the one who left me, the 
one who was on drugs, the one who drank everyday gave his heart to the Lord. We 
are raising our children up in church, and teach them about God and His love.

I am thankful I got pregnant because if I didn't I don't know were I would be today. I 
am not saying I am proud of what I did and I am not saying it's right to have sex outside 
of marriage because it is not. It is a sin to do that.

I am glad I went through all I did when I got pregnant because God saved my soul 
from hell. I am closer today to Him because of what I went through. He taught me to 
have FAITH. I love Him today, I will serve Him forever. I am so thankful for all He 
has done for me for I am not worthy.

Thank you my Lord for saving my soul.


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